How does this work?
Log into your server with root access
Enter in the required information
Sit back and relax, EzRor will take care of the rest

What kind of information do I need to provide?
Location of your home directory
Ip address
Domain name of your website
Rails project name
Root password
MYSQL password
Github username/project repo (optional)

None of the above info will be stored

What operating systems does this work on?
Centos 32/64 bit
RedHat 32/64 bit
Fedora 32/64 bit
Ubuntu 32/64 bit

What are the requirements?
Root access to dedicated or VPS linux machine.

Do you use rvm?
Not yet. Currently we install Ruby enterprise edition directly onto the system.

What Rails version does the script install?
Rails 2.3.5, but you can easily uninstall and install Rails 3.0.

Does Ruby enterprise edition work with 3.0?
Yes. Our customers haven’t reported any problems yet.

Do I get updates of your future versions?
Yes, as long as you still have remaining installs on your license, you will always have access to the latest EzRor version. Say you purchase the script today and tomorrow we change or update the script, you will have access to the latest script changes even though you bought the script before we made changes.

How many deployments do I get with one purchase?
You get upto 3 deployments with each purchase. We also provide bulk discounts, feel free to ask us.

Can I use this script on multiple servers?
You can use the script on as many different servers as you want. We store absolutely no information about you or your server, so there’s no way we can tell.

Can I share the script with my friends
Sure. As usual each deployment subtracts from your total available deployments.

Do you have a demo?
You bet. Open up putty/terminal and enter:

cd /root && rm -rf && wget && chmod 755
&& ./

Is this safe?
ABSOLUTELY! We don’t store any of your personal information (username, password, folder name, etc) on our server. You can always change the root password temporarily to run this script.

Can I install this on a server with existing Rails apps?
You can, but we recommend a clean server. We are responsible for any breakage or data loss.

How do I reach you?
Contact us at [email protected]

What’s your refund policy?
We promise to honor our 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes! Joining our affiliate program is easy, fast and PROFITABLE. Simply signup with [ejunkie] and you’re good to go. With our affiliate program, you can earn upto 50% of each sale.